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Ice is nice in South Dakota!!! This is my front yard, everybody.

So picture this… ONLY EVERYWHERE. That’s what my town is like now. Still snowing, trees constantly cracking under pressure, roofs being knocked in (neighbors, not me) and power is forever flickering.

Also I have bronchitis.

I owe tons of replies, I know, I know, but I shall be back soon once I have regular access to electricity.

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  1. hoples said: *hugs* hope spring comes to you soon too
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    Done the pre-lim. Many changes to come (bad feet size and ring vs cross), but check it.
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    there had better be pictures of this xD
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    Popping back on to say: I read that as Frodo so I hope you understand my vast confusion. but for serious enjoy that...
  5. lupintyde said: Ouch! We had a nasty ice storm a few years ago in Maryland. I think that was before the hurricane but after the tornado outbreak ^^
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    Girl you need some MOOSE level lock de-icer. O__O
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    Oh geez, I hate ice D: Here’s hoping you get your power back soon!